ew, if any car, produces the sense of occasion that the Rolls Royce Drophead does and, staying true to its name, you’re likely going to see more than one admirer drop their jaw in bewilderment as you roll down the boulevard in one of the most visually stunning cars ever created.

Gently open the rear-hinged coach doors – and you’ll immediately astonish your companions. A tasteful interior, inspired by outlandish architecture, is capable of accommodating four persons, surrounding and exciting the senses with supple leather, perfectly matching wood veneer and aluminium inserts. Lying dormant underneath the stainless steel cover, the massive 453 horsepower aluminium V12 has an equally remarkable displacement, of 6.75 litres. The power is sent exclusively to the rear wheels via an eight speed automatic transmission, resulting in a 0 to 60 miles per hour acceleration time of 5.5 seconds; considering that the kerb weight of the vehicle is more than two and a half tonnes, this is a true feat of engineering.

Visually, the Drophead produces a striking impression, often being compared to a land yacht, due to its imposing size. Dominating the front end, flanked by the Xenon headlamps, the massive pantheon grille, with a retractable mechanism for the lustrous Spirit of Ecstasy emblem, expresses power and sophistication. An elongated bonnet, befitting of such a car, subtly indicates that this is not a plaything, but a dominant machine.

With a legacy that spans nearly a century into the past, Rolls Royce has long surpassed the moniker of a simple car manufacturer, becoming the most revered name in automotive history. Handcrafting motor vehicles to the highest standards attainable, the British luxury marque introduced a svelte addition to its line-up, under the identity of the Phantom Drophead.

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