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Feel that luxury; feel that fun!

Have you ever wanted to have a taste of what life is like as a millionaire? To experience life at its most luxurious and decadent? Imagine yourself flying over the city in a state of the art helicopter, heading towards the harbor where a gorgeous, ’62 foot yacht is waiting for you. As you arrive the crew welcomes you with champagne and delicious au ‘devours, ready to make this an experience you’ll never forget.

Now, the day is yours, your options are endless. Take a slow cruise along the coast, sipping champagne and relaxing in the sun. Stop at a quiet cove and go swimming or enjoy any number of the water-sports at your disposal. Explore the coast with your family, party at the dock with friends, impress and wow customers or create a romantic getaway so perfect, it’ll be etched in your memory forever. 

A unique blend of elegance and luxury!

The Feretti is a prime example of the sleek elegance and luxury of an Italian yacht. The fly bridge is the perfect size for sunbathing or taking in the spectacular views of the ocean and the coast. Dive off the swimming platform for fun in the water, from swimming to snorkeling. With the capacity to bring 12 people on board, you can cater for intimate gatherings or exciting parties. The interior is stylish and spacious enough to keep your guests entertained with music, food and drinks. The main cabin has excellent bar facilities and breath-taking views, accompanied by the pleasure of relaxing in modern luxury.

The Feretti has two bedrooms and offers you the opportunity for overnight trips, as each cabin has a sleek, modern finish and three on-board bathrooms. Our highly experienced captain and crew will ensure that you and your guests have an incredible experience, with just the right touch of luxury and exquisite service.


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